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This site features the Terrey Collection of Vintage Radios. A collection specializing in pre-1925 broadcast radios as well as a selection of early wireless items. The collection is viewable both on this web site (in the future) and in the physical museum.


This section of the site is
"Under construction"

A Vintage Radio Museum

The Barn
(an actual physical structure)
is under construction during 2006 and will be the future home for the
Terrey Vintage Radio Collection

Follow the links below for photos showing the construction progress.
Check back every several days for the latest pictures.

Barn Basement Frame
(REV. 8/17/06)

Barn First Floor Deck
(REV 8/18/06)

Barn Main Frame
Raising the First Bent
(NEW 8/23/06)

Barn Main Frame
Raising the Second Bent
(NEW 8/23/06)

Barn Main Frame
Raising the Third and Fourth Bents
(NEW 8/23/06)

Barn Main Frame
Raising the Fifth Bent
(NEW 9/10/06)

Barn Main Frame
Raising the Final Bent
(NEW 9/10/06)

Barn Main Frame
Topping off the Barn
(NEW 9/10/06)

Barn Main Frame
The Finished Timber Frame
(NEW 9/10/06)

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