Analog Heaven 2nd Annual New England Meeting

April 30, 2005 - Bolton, Mass. — Organizer: Eric Crawley

A Few Photos From The 2005 Gathering

Click here for photos from the 2004 Meeting

Photos by John Terrey —For more synth photos & info: Old Tech Vintage Synth Site

The 2005 group, left to right: Front row: Matthew Davidson, Eric Crawley, Greg Waltzer, Kyle Jarger, Bob Chidlaw and Mike Pfeiffer.
Center, left to right: David White (center of photo, leaning forward), James Amore and Steve Marietta.
Rear standing, left to right: Sarah Terrey, John Terrey, Seth Elgart, Howard Moscovitc, Rafael Cohen, Joe Xarraffino, Brendan Ford, Mike Dewberry and Mike Funaiole.

Eric Crawley's Roland System 700 modular. On top are two "" cabinets.

Eric Crawley's Fenix, a descendant of Synton's Syrinx and the 3000 modular system with a Milton sequencer below.

An Access Virus Indigo

A Moog Music Minimoog Voyager.

Left, Mike Pfeiffer plays David White's Yamaha CS-30.
Right, Aron Kotilovnen plays David White's Univox MaxiKorg while Joe speaks into a vocoder in the background.

Left, Brenden Ford making sounds on David White's Moog Sonic Six. Right, Steve Maietta doing the same on David's Moog Modular 15.

Mike Funaiole's Korg Collection: Sequencer (rear), MS-50 Expander (front left) and MS-10 synth (front right).

A Doepfer (mostly) System.

Dave Lovelace cartooning.

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Below are photos of an unusual keyboard, the Optigan.

Mike Dewberry brought a very unusual "organ." The Optigan uses LP-sized transparent disks which are inserted in a hinged-opening just under the left side of the keyboard. The disks contain an optical track, like a film soundtrack, of "backing tracks, rythm arrangements and instruments." These are selected using the pushbuttons to the left of the keyboard. The melody is played on the keyboard. David White is the performer. (Details are from Peter Forrest's the A-Z of Analogue Synthesisers.)

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