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The table below lists the synthesizer and other related items for sale from The Terrey Collection.

Item Description
US$ Asking Price
Aries, 300 Modular System. #1(lower 2 cabinets in photo). Two 11-Module wooden cabinets with modules:. Keyboard included. [A-M pg 13] Condition: Good. All modules have a SS# on front, but they don’t look too bad. Working 99%.Voltage: US [1975±] SOLD
Aries, 300 Modular System. #2 (top cabinet in photo). One 11-Module wooden cabinet with keyboard. Modules: 317 (2), 324, 315, 318, 312 (2), 314, 323, 316, Out&Pwr. [A-M pg 13] Condition: Good. Purchased as working; not checked out.Voltage: US [1975±] SOLD
ARP, 2500. #1. (Module makeup in photo may not match item for sale.) Main & (2) Studio Wing Cabinets w/full module compliment. Modules: 1003 (3), 1023 (3), 1006 (2), 1004t (4), 1047 (2), 1016 (2), 1036, 1005, 1027 (2), 1050, 1045, 1002 PS (3) 1001 Blanks (4). W/3222 Keyboard. [MoST pg. 64, like top system] Condition: Good. Purchased working; not checked out.Voltage: US [1970] SOLD
ARP, 2500. Prototype Digital Sequencer Module; Occupies 2-spaces. Although has the same appearence as an ARP module, there is no ARP logo and no ARP marking found. Rare item. [See MoST, pg 75] Condition: Not WorkingVoltage: US [1970] SOLD
ARP, 2500. #2. (Module makeup in photo may not match item for sale.) Early versions of the main and (2) Wing Cabinets with full module compliment.Early systems had 10-position matrix switches above modules, not 20-position. Rare items. [MoST pg. 64, similar to top system] Condition: Purchased Working; Not Checked Out.Voltage: US [1970] SOLD
ARP, Avatar. Condition: Untested. Purchased at VEMIA auction. [1977] NFS
ARP, Little Brother. Voltage: US [1975] SOLD
ARP, Odyssey. Black & Gold. Duophonic synth. Condition: Working. Voltage: US [1972] SOLD
ARP, Omni. [1975 or 1976] SOLD
Buchla, 100 Modular. Modules: 130, 111, 194, 196, 102, 175, 160. Rare. Condition: Fair to good. Modules not tested, Some knobs & parts missing [1963] SOLD
Buchla, 200-081 Music Easel. Beautiful and rare item in Buchla blue metal suitcase. Condition: Very Good but very small dent in lid of case. Working.Voltage: US [1974±] SOLD
Digisound, Mod 80. [1980s-early] SOLD
Dubreq, Stylophone 350S. [1974] SOLD
E-mu, Modular. Main Cabinet, upper tier & Keyboard. Main Cabinet, 29 modules: (2) VCA, (3) Dual Trans. Gen., (2) LPF, (2) Ring Mod., (5) Large VCO, Noise, S&H, Univ. Active Filter, VC Trans. Gen., Pot Pourri, (5) Multiples, Key Board Module, PS, Env. Follower, Quad VCA. Top Tier, 15 modules: VCA, Dual Trans. Gen., LPF, Large VCO, (2) Small VCO, Noise, Key Board Module, PS, Dual Reverb., Dual 1-shot, VC clock, Address Gen., Voltage source. Keyboard with memory. Condition: Most modules work. [1973] SOLD
EDP, Caterpiller. 3-octave moving-key keyboard in walnut cabinet for Gnat or either Wasp. (Needs 7-pin connector cable, not included.) Matches Wasp Special. Condition: Purchased working; not checked out. SOLD
EDP, Wasp. With 2-octave touch keyboard. Built-in speaker. Cute little black and yellow synth! Condition: Good. Not working.Voltage: 6 C Cells [1978] SOLD
EML, Educational Modules. Six modules. Each in 6 1/4” x 3 1/2” x 2” bakelite box. (2) Low tone generator; High tone generator; Electronic switch; White sound; Filter. Condition: Cosmetically good; Some battery wires in boxes cut. Working ?.Voltage: 9V battery. SOLD
EML, ElectroComp 500. [1973] NFS
EML, Polybox - Black. [1977] SOLD
EML, Polybox - Orange. [1977] NFS
EML, X-Y Controller. Working. SOLD
EMS, 8 Octave Filter Bank. Working, no power cord. SOLD
EMS, Pitch to Voltage Converter. Working, no power cord.[1971] SOLD
EMS, Random Voltage Generator. Working, no power cord. SOLD
Formant, Modular. [1979] SOLD
Hammond, Novachord. Painted White; Missing speakers, power supply and amp but they can be replicated from included schematics. Does not use tone wheels; uses separate oscillator for each note; over 150 vacuum tubes! Very rare! Condition: Pick up only. [1936±] NFS
Korg, 800DV. [1974-late] NFS
Korg, Mono/Poly. Condition: Very clean and working but 2-3 keys intermittent.Voltage: US [1982] SOLD
Korg, PS-3100 Modular. Condition: Working 98%. [1977] SOLD
Korg, PS-3200 Modular. Condition: Working 98%. [1978] SOLD
Maplin, 5600 Kit. Condition: Not tested. [1976±] SOLD
Moog, Liberation. Condition: Poor to Fair. No case. Not tested. [1980] SOLD
Moog, Modular Series 3C. Main Cabinet, 2 upper tiers, KB. Main cabinet and middle tier have standard 3C module configuration, including 9 oscillators. Modules quite possibly are the original ones since all but two tags have about the same date: July 18, 1969 (The other two are in ‘69 also.) In the upper sequencer-tier, the right sequencer and switch are replaced with a 4-channel mixer, VCA, Env. Gen. and Multiples. Keyboard has Scale Programmer interface. Condition: Purchased as working but not tested. Voltage: US [1967] SOLD
Moog, Modular Series 3C. Scale Programmer Condition: Purchased as working but not tested. [1967] SOLD
Moog, Sample & Hold. Condition: Purchased as working but not tested. SOLD
Moog, Taurus II Pedals. Condition: Working. Voltage: US [1981] SOLD
Oberheim, DS-2A Digital Sequencer. [1975±] 350
Octave Electronics, Cat. [1977] SOLD
Octave Electronics, Cat Stick. Working[1979] SOLD
Octave Electronics, Kitten. [1977] NFS
Paia, 4700 Modular. Portable case & Keyboard Voltage: US [1974±] SOLD
Polyfusion, Modular 2000 Series. QP-1 Sound-Around Quad Panner Condition: Not Working. [1972?] SOLD
Polyfusion, Modular 2000 Series. 8-Voice Keyboard [1972?] SOLD
Polyfusion, Modular 2000 Series. Main Cabinet, 2 tiers, Keyboard. Main Cabinet, 18 modules: (4) VCO, (4) Dual 5-Stage Envelope, LFO, HPF, (4) VCA, Phase shifter, Ring Mod., (2) PS. Middle Tier, 7 modules: Volt. Controlled Seq., Dual Seq., Param. EQ, Octave divider, Quadrature Osc., Env. follower, PS. Top Tier, 12 modules: (3) VCO, Random Voltage, (2) Voltage controled Reverb, (2) LPF, HPF, S&H, VCA, PS. Condition: Very clean. Most functions checked out & working. [1972?] SOLD
Polyfusion, Modular 2000 Series. Pedals FP-1 & FP-2 [1972?] 375
Polyfusion, Modular 2000 Series. AS-1R Sequencer Add-On for AS-1 Sequencer. [1972?] 250
Polyfusion, Modular 2000 Series. Stereo Panner SP-1 [1972?] 395
Powertran, Transcendent 2000. Condition: Working-VEMIA auction purchase. [1978] SOLD
Sequential Circuits, 700 Programmer. Condition: Not Working. [1981] SOLD
Sequential Circuits, 800 Sequencer. Condition: Not Working. [1981±] SOLD
Sequential Circuits, Pro One. Condition: Good. Basic functions working. Sequencer possibly not working. Voltage: US [1981] SOLD
Serge, Modular. 3 racks, 2 fully populated, 1 w/PS & 1 module. Voltage: US [1970s] SOLD
Teisco, SX-400. Condition: Unknown-VEMIA auction purchase. NFS
VEB Klingenthaler Harmonikawerke, Vermona. Condition: Unknown-VEMIA auction purchase. [1970s-late] NFS
Vox, Ampliphonic. Effects Box. SOLD
Yamaha, CS-15. Condition: Purchased as working.Voltage: US [1979] NFS
Yamaha, CS-5. Condition: Purchased as working.Voltage: US [1979] SOLD
NOTES: All sales are where-is, as-is, pickup only. Items may have minor defects such as scratches, incorrect or missing knobs, missing patch cords, line cords, etc. and etc. Working means that in a checkout of most (but not necessarily all) of the functions, the checked-out functions worked to some degree. Since the items are old, perfection cannot be expected. Check with me if voltage not specified. All items are subject to prior sale and all prices and descriptions are provisional. Web site may not reflect availability status at all times. Errors may have inadvertently been made in the list. FOB Carlisle, Mass. Personal examination preferred. Items will be held for 2-weeks with a fully 10% refundable deposit.[REFERENCES are placed in brackets; date of manufacture is an estimate.]: MoST=The Museum of Synthesizer Technology; A-M and N-Z = The A-Z of Synthesizers, Parts One & Two; SVG1 and SVG2=Synthesizer Von Gestern Parts 1 and 2; VS=Vintage Synthesizers.

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