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Polyfusion Modular System

Product Information

The Polyfusion Series 2000 Synthesizer


• User Interchangeable Module System
• Guaranteed Performance Specifications
• Total Flexibility
• Beautiful All-metal Cabinetry
• Top Quality Molded Patch Cords
• A Large Number of Strategically Located Controller Output Jacks
• Ample Room for an Adequate Number of Mixers

The 2000 Series Synthesizer by POLYFUSION is the realization of an advanced and exceptionally usable concept borne of engineering expertise, planning, and meticulous attention to detail never before applied to synthesizer design. Every effort has been made to create a musical instrument which is superior not only in virtually every electronic parameter, but in the areas which make it a musical instrument as well -- one to be played! POLYFUSION instruments are characterized by "feeling" right, being responsive, being extremely flexible, and having a clear and consistent logic of control placement which makes them very playable.

Each instrument is assembled from the highest quality components with a good deal of pride and care. Rigid quality control, thorough testing, and many hours of "burn-in" are applied to each module. Finally, each POLYFUSION instrument is given a complete electronic and musical check-out by the people who designed it to ensure that each module will function perfectly when delivered to its user and to greatly reduce the possibility of failure at any time.

The 2000 Series Synthesizer is the first truly modular synthesizer; any module can be moved to any location in the system by the performer and without tools. This unique capability enhances the flexibility of the instrument in two important ways: first, different module arrangements may be more practical for particular performance considerations, so by rearranging the modules, any system requirement can be optimized; second, a few extra modules can be kept on hand to serve particular needs and installed only when needed, thus eliminating the need to purchase additional cabinetry to house infrequently used modules. In addition to this, servicing the instrument is relatively simple as only the defective module need be removed and serviced, allowing the rest of the instrument to be used in normal fashion. Unlike any of the small prepackaged performance synthesizers the 2000 Series instruments provide the performer with direct access to absolutely every input and output which makes any combination of the modules possible -- this is total flexibility!

Polyfusion, Inc.
Electronics for the Arts
160 Sugg Road
Buffalo, New York 14225
(716) 631-3790

Information optically character read from Polyfusion documentation.

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