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Polyfusion Module 2004 - Voltage Controlled Oscillator

Model 2004 Voltage Controlled Oscillator

• "Micro-touch" range selector
• Extreme thermal and mechanical stability
• Wide range phase lock
• 2,500,000 :1 frequency range
• 3% pulse width capability

The model 2004 Voltage Controlled Oscillator is the heart of the signal generation capability of the POLYFUSION synthesizer. This is a high performance electronic signal generator designed especially for musical application; either on the stage or in the studio. The 2004 offers high reliability, stability, and accuracy to function perfectly in the most demanding circumstances. You, as the musician, see the clearest, most logical control arrangement available: the range switching is accomplished with the "Micro-Touch" range selector built into the control panel, a touch of a button and you have selected a range which is indicated by a red light. Not only do you avoid having to grab and then turn a rotary switch, but you can go from one range to any other directly; without switching through the ranges between. The 2004 is tuned with a quality "smooth-feel" control with a large knob for ease of adjustment. The 2004 offers an ultra-narrow duty cycle capability at the pulse wave output which allows for the creation of timbres never before available.


Frequency control
Range of frequency control switch (two or ten octaves)
"Micro-touch" range switch with LED range indicators
Pulse width control
Phase lock input jack
Two frequency control input jacks
Pulse width control input Jack
Sine output jack
Triangle output jack
Sawtooth output jack
Pulse output jack

Panel Size: 6.0 inches wide x 7.0 inches high
Power Requirement: +15 and -15V regulated DC, 80 mA
Control Input Impedance: 100 K ohms
Phase Lock Input impedance: 100 K ohms
Output Impedance (all waveforms): 600 ohms nominal
Frequency Range: 0.01 Hz - 25 KHz
Frequency Control Sensitivity: 10 octave/volt ±0.1% over entire range
Range of Frequency Control: Two octaves; switchable to ten octaves
Center Frequencies of "Micro-Touch" Range Selectors: Low (0.3 Hz), 125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz, 1 KHz, 2 KHz
Temperature Stability: Change in frequency caused by change in temperature better than 400 ppm /°C
Pulse Width Control Sensitivity: Linear change from 3% duty cycle at -2.5V through 50% duty cycle at 0V to 97% duty cycle at +2.5V
Output Amplitude: 5V peak to peak for all waveshapes; centered at zero

Information optically character read from Polyfusion documentation.

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