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EMS Synthi-E and Keyboard

EMS Publicity Photo & Data Sheet

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The Synthi E is a general purpose electronic music synthesiser especially designed to be used in schools and colleges.
It combines low cost with versatility and robustness. It is simple to use and a complete teaching course has been built round it. This allows teachers and students to learn the techniques and background of electronic music and its production. The manual relates synthesised to acoustic sounds and the relationship of the physical properties of sound to music. It also provides many creative exercises for the individual or class.
The Synthi E has a full complement of conventional electronic music devices as well as several new ones. These devices may be interconnected using a simple patching system that allows experimentation not possible with usual performance synthesisers.
The unit is easily transportable as it is housed in a small briefcase and is battery operated.
* Input Amplifier with low (Microphone) and high (line) level inputs.
* Envelope Follower providing a voltage proportional to the amplitude of the input.
* Oscillator 1 with true exponential voltage control of frequency and three simultaneous output waveforms (sine, triangle and voltage controlled pulse)
* Oscillator 2 for slow control voltages such as glissando or vibrato.
* Filter/Oscillator 3 with v.c. low, high and band pass filter or pure sine wave.
* Modulator for envelope shaping or ring modulation. Noise Generator.
* Trapezoid Generator for multiple simultaneous trapezoid waveforms. These may be used for envelope shaping (trigger mode) or for low frequency waveforms (free run mode).
* Manual-Slide tape Controllers (2) for obtaining control voltages. One slide-tape is stepped and may be used as a keyboard and the other for variable control. One provides a trigger pulse. Both may be temporarily marked or written on.
* Inverter to invert control voltages or signals.
* Monitor Amplifier and Loudspeaker with two input mixer faders.
Signal level at patch nodes: 3v P-P.
Output impedances at patch nodes: 100 ohm average.
Input impedances at patch nodes: 25 kohm average.
All inputs and outputs are protected against short circuits to each other or to ground.
IN PUTS: High level input level: 2.2 v P-P nom. 10v P-P clipping. 180 kohm impedance. Direct inputs: DIN connections 2—Ground 1 inputs
Low level input level: 200 mV P-P nom. Overhead: 14 dB
50 kohm impedance.
Envelope follower output proportional to input over dynamic range of: 40 dB. V.C.O. — VOLTAGE CONTROLLED OSCILLATOR:
Total frequency coverage: 1 Hz to 10KHz.
Sine wave distortion: 5% THD (TYP)
Triangle symmetry (rise and fall): 3% at 1 KHz.
Rectangular wave mark space ratio voltage control range: 0 to 100%.
Deviation of voltage control of frequency from ideal exponential law
Over musical range 100Hz—2KHz: .8% (B.S.L.)
Over audio range 10Hz — 10KHz: 1.7% (B.S.L.) General short term stability. Drift at 1 KHz: 2% per hour.
OSCILLATO R (VIBRATO/TREMOLO): Manual control of frequency: 0.01 Hz —15Hz.
Manual control of amplitude: 1000:1.
V.C.F. — VOLTAGE CONTROLLED FILTER (Band pass, low pass, high pass):
Frequency range: 10Hz-10KHz.
Distortion (oscillating mode musical range): 2%.
Deviation of voltage control of frequency from ideal exponential law over complete range: 2% (B.S.L.)
Minimum 'Q': 2.
Maximum finite 'Q' over musical range: 30.
Minimum transition time: 20 mS.
Maximum transition time: 5S.
As oscillator — frequency range: 1—25 Hz.
Spectral flatness over musical range: +6 dB.
Slider tape Track and hold droop .02% of fullscale per second.
Chromatic keyboard Track and hold droop: .01 % of fullscale per second.
Differential step Linearity (ratio of smallest or largest to average): 95 %.
INVERTER: Voltage gain—1: + 2%.
MIXER: Fader control range: 50 dB min.
Tone control (treble lift/cut) Corner frequency: 500 Hz.
Max. change at 10KHz: 30 dB.
MONITOR: DIN pin connections. 2—ground.
3 monitor output
As ring modulator
Carrier suppression: 30 dB. Signal suppression: 40 dB.
As envelope modulator Off breakthrough:—60 dB. On level distortion: 5 %.
Power delivered to internal loudspeaker: 500 mw.
Output to external amplifier, tape recorder or oscilloscope (two outputs provided).
Minimum recommended load: 600 ohms.
Output impedance: 50 ohms max.
Maximum output voltage into 10K load: 7v P-P.
12 x Ever Ready U2 (1 .5V). An external mains power supply can be provided.
Battery life: Using 2 hour daily sessions and external monitor: 100 hours.
DIMENSIONS: 50 x 40 x 10 cm.
WEIGHT: 7 kg.
A 3-octave keyboard for controlling the Synthi E is available. This unit is a mechanical keyboard which plugs into the Synthi E. It provides the correct pitch voltage and trigger signal for the Trapezoid Generator. A switch on the Synthi E selects internal or external keyboard operation.

Photo & Data Sheet (Optically Character Read) from The Terrey Collection Library

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